Newport Beach Facelift Cosmetic Surgery Procedure | Dr. Tavoussi

At OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique, our Newport Beach Facelift Surgeon performs a wide variety of cosmetic procedures to enhance the natural beauty of one’s body. These procedures are done either to help someone feel more comfortable with his or her appearance or to remove some of the effects of aging. Dr. Tavoussi has over 20 years of experience performing facelifts as well as other cosmetic procedures and can discuss which options might be best for a patient at an initial consultation.

Candidates for Newport Beach Facelifts

A facelift is an excellent option for someone older than 40 who is experiencing sagging skin with deep furrows in the forehead or between the nose and the mouth. Most facelifts are performed before the patient reaches the age of 60, but some older individuals do have them performed. However, the skin must still have good elasticity in order to recover successfully from the procedure.

While a Newport Beach Facelift Surgeon cannot stop the aging process or correct fine lines and wrinkles, he can turn back the hands of time by smoothing the skin and underlying tissues. A facelift is a surgical process that must be performed under general anesthesia, and it uses several incisions around the perimeter of the face for access. Dr. Tavoussi performs our facelifts at Pacifica Outpatient Surgery Center, which serves all of Orange County.

What to Expect from Cosmetic Facelift Procedure

A facelift is a same-day procedure that allows patients to do most of their recovery at home. Patients will want to rest with the head elevated for several days following surgery and will need to protect the incisions by following post-operative instructions for bathing, dressing and hair and face care. Patients will be given a prescription for pain medication by the surgeon.

We can discuss payment options with patients who are interested in having a facelift. These procedures can be expensive because most are not covered by insurance. However, patients may want to consider having two or more procedures simultaneously to offset the cost of anesthesia and facility fees. Facelifts are often combined with eyelid surgeries or rhinoplasty. In addition, we may be able to offer qualified patients a payment plan.

Most patients find that the facelift is very satisfying. It can increase social confidence and poise by making the face appear younger and more vibrant. While aging is a natural process, we believe that Newport Beach residents do not have to give in to these forces of nature.