Other Body Parts

Orange County Other Cosmetic ProceduresHere at OC Cosmetic Surgery Clinique, Dr. Tavoussi and his team perform surgery on other parts of your body as well as Breast Surgery or Facial Surgery. Your nose may look good or your breast size may match your body style but don’t worry about your body hair which keeps you away from being an ideal. Whether you need a complete hair removal to look great or you are a little worried about you ear size and shape, we can help. Just give us a call to find the best offers and consult Dr. Tavoussi about your current situation.

The following information has been assembled to make you familiar with the facts regarding plastic surgery. You are requested to read the information regarding any procedure(s) you are interested in thoroughly and to discuss any questions, which might arise with our doctors before you proceed with the surgical procedure(s).

Other Cosmetic Procedures

Newport Facelift Surgeon Orange County Otoplasty Procedure
Otoplasty / Ear Surgery
Migraine Headache